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Energy Worksheets

Energy Worksheets from the MatchCard Science Light and Energy Unit Study

Energy Worksheets for Kids

Sixteen different objectives are covered in the MatchCards of our Light and Energy Unit Study.

Transparent, Translucent, Opaque

Transparent, Translucnet, Opaque Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #1: Identify transparent, translucent, and opaque objects.

Science Projects: Go on a detective hunt for three types of objects. Analyze how much light passes through different opaque objects.

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Bending, Bouncing, Colorful Light

Refraction and Reflection Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #2: Describe the refraction, reflection and absorption of light.

Science Projects Observe objects that appear to bend in water. Reflect light at angles with mirrors. Look at concave and convex reflections. Observe colored objects in a dark room.

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Magnetic Poles

Magnet Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #3: Predict what poles of a magnet will be attacted or repelled by the pole of another magnet.

Science Projects: Determine which pole is north on a magnet. Experiment with different types of magnets. Magnetize a pin. Make a magnetic compass and watch it go beserk.

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Sound Waves

Sound Waves Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #4: Compare the frequency and amplitude of sound waves.

Science Projects: Change the pitch of sounds. Use a tuning fork to hear sound waves. Watch sugar granules mimic sounds waves.

Read More: Frequency and Amplitude of Sound Waves

We are currently uploading the other energy worksheets. Check back soon to see them all.

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