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Art Masterpieces

Here are some ideas for using the Art Masterpieces: art masterpiece cards
Cut the pictures out and display one masterpiece per week. Once a week, quickly review all the previous masterpieces and who painted them.

Do an internet search to find the answers to these questions:

  • Where was the painter from?
  • What did he or she like to paint?
  • What other famous people lived at the same time?
  • Where is the original art work now?

Other Projects:
  • Map a lapbook or scrap book of famous art masterpieces studied.
  • Make a map of places artists lived and studied.
  • Do a timeline of famous painters.
  • Compare types of materials: watercolors vs. oil paints.

Here are some other questions to consider when studying an art masterpiece:
  • What special features make this painting famous?
  • What does the painting tell you about the artist's culture?
  • Study the details of the painting for five minutes. What details can you list afterwards?

Using crayons, try to make a copy of the art piece. Then try it with oil paints or whatever medium the artist used.

See how many times in a year any one in your family notices any of the masterpieces (or take-offs on it) in public.

Do a six week theme on one artist from one booklet.

More Ideas for Art Masterpieces

Art Masterpiece Mysteries

Here is a fun way to really check out the details of famous paintings. The Art Masterpiece Mysteries has you compare two different copies of famous paintings to find the differences.

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