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Six Traits Writing Rubric

Writing Rubric for 6 + 1 Traits Writing

Use the six traits writing rubric to evaluate and guide your students' writing.

six plus one trait writing rubric
FREE download of 6 + 1 Trait Writing Rubric BELOW

Elements of the Six Traits Writing Rubric


5 Points: Interesting ideas and relevent information on a specific theme
3 Points: Broad topic with general information
1 Point: No specific ideas about the theme


5 Points:Organization is logical and assists in communicating the ideas.
3 Points: Ideas are loosely organized. Sequencing, connections, transitions are not always apparent.
1 Point: No clear order to the content.


5 Points: The writer captures the reader’s attention. The topic obviously interests the writer.
3 Points: The writer has some interest in the topic; but does not try to arouse the reader’s interest.
1 Point: The writer does not seem interested in the content.

Word Choice

5 Points: The words effectively and actively communicate the writer’s message.
3 Points: Words communicate the meaning, but are general, common, or repetitive terms.
1 Point: The words used are below the expected vocabulary of the writer.

Sentence Fluency

5 Points: The writing flows from one sentence to the next. There are a variety of sentence types. Transitions, dialogue, and quotes are used. It is enjoyable to read out loud.
3 Points: Sentences are constructed correctly but do not flow from one to the next. When read out loud, some sentences are awkward. Poor sentence structure or repetition of the same type of sentence is sometimes present.
1 Point: It is difficult to read out loud without multiple corrections.

Writing Conventions

5 Points: Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are excellent.
3 Points: Spelling, punctuation and grammar are generally correct. A few revisions are needed.
1 Point: Multiple errors distract the reader.


5 Points: It is neat with a professional and artistic appearance.
3 Points: It is readable. Some attempts at using visuals or font changes are apparent.
1 Point: The final product has a sloppy appearance.

Download the Writing Rubric

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Print the Writing Rubric

More About Six Traits Writing

check box Learn more about Six Traits Writing. Find strategies to use with the six traits writing rubric to progressively improve your students writing skills.

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