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Second Grade Writing Rubric

Evaluate writing skills with our second grade writing rubric below.

2nd grade writing rubric
FREE Writing Rubric BELOW

Using the Second Grade Writing Rubric

Writing is at the heart of education.
Writing Sentences
By the middle of kindergarten the student should be able to write one complete sentence. Two sentences should be written by the last month.

Above Expectation: 7 or more sentences
Expectation: 5-6 complete sentences by the end of second grade
Below Expectation: Cannot write more than three or four sentences in the last month
Fails Criteria: Cannot write two or more sentences

Capitals at the beginning of sentences
Above Expectation: Starts all sentences with capitals
Meets Expectation: Starts most sentences with capitals
Below Expectations: Requires frequent reminders to use capitals
Fails Critera: Does not use capitalization

End Punctuation
Above Expectation: Uses periods, question marks and exclamation marks correctly
Meets Expectation: Almost all sentences are ended with a period.
Below Expectation: Frequent reminders are needed to use end punctuation.
Fails Expectation: No periods are present.

Above Expecation: All words are spelled correctly
Meets Expectation: Spells all frequently used words correctly
Below Expectation: Incorrect spells common words 4 times
Fails Expectation: Many misspelled words

Above Expecation: Neat and legible
Meets Expectation: Some stray marks and cross outs
Below Expectation: Difficult to Read
Fails expectation: Illegible

Word Usage
Above Expectation: Uses plural nouns and verb tenses correctly
Meets Expectation: Occasionally misses difficult noun or verb form
Below Expectations: Frequently uses wrong noun or verb form
Fails Expectation: Does not use plurals or "ing" or "ed" in writing

Above Expectation: Correctly uses and spells contractions
Meets Expecation: Sometimes misses the apostrophe or spelling of a contraction
Below Expecations: Does not use contractionst

Above Expectation: Logical communication of unique ideas
Meets Expectation: All sentences are about the same topic.
Below Expectation: Ideas are random without single topic.
Fails Expectation: Ideas are Unclear

Print the Second Grade Writing Rubric

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Print the 2nd Grade Writing Rubric

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