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Force and Motion Worksheets

Force and Motion Activities and Worksheets for Kids in 3rd to 7th Grade

It's a forceful subject that will keep them moving. Use the Force and Motion worksheets from MatchCard Science to introduce basic information, spring-board into projects and experiments, and review content they have learned.

Seven Force and Motion Worksheets

Ever met a kid who didn't like to move? Since motion is a favorite thing to do, let's make it a fun thing to learn about. Eight different objectives will gently introduce the laws of physics and motion.

Simple Machines

Sinmple Machines Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #1: Identify six simple machines and describe their uses.

Force and Motion Activities: Practice using the six simple machines.

Read More: 6 Simple Machines

Mass and Weight

Mass and Weight Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #2: Compare mass and weight.

Force and Motion Activities: Practice using scales that measure weight and those that measure mass. Make a balance scale. Find out if air has mass.

Weigh in on the subject: What is the difference between mass and weight?

Friction and Inertia

Friction and Inertia Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #3 & 4: Demonstrate the effects of friction and inertia.

Force and Motion Activities: Skate, slide, and scrape your way to understanding friction. Pull an old card trick on inertia.

Hope this doesn't rub you the wrong way: Friction and Inertia

Effects of Gravity

Gravity Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #5: Describe three effects of gravity.

Force and Motion Activities: Does gravity make heavier objects fall faster? Do some tricks with the center of gravity.

A grave subject: Gravity on earth and in space

Speed and Velocity and Momentum and Acceleration

Speed and Velocity Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #6: Define speed, velocity, momentum, and acceleration.

Force and Motion Activities: Start with toy cars and progress to amusement park rides.

Get up to speed: Velocity, Momentum, and Acceleration

Newtons Three Laws

Newtons 3 Laws Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #7: Explain Newton's three laws and give examples. Force and Motion Activities: Play ball! Marbles, croquet, soccer, baseball - sportsmen use the 3 Laws to win.

Read More:Newtons 3 Laws

Newtons, Joules, and Watts

Newtons, Joules, and Watts Worksheet click to print arrow

MatchCard #8: Define force, newton, joule, and watts.

Force and Motion Activities: Build a catapult. Watch that meter and read the bill.

Watts that? Newtons, Joules, and Watts.

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