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Classical Childrens Books

Classic Horse Stories

Read these classic horse stories that share the authors' passion for horses. These are the best horse stories of all time and have been in print for over 50 years.

The Black Stallion

By Anna Sewell

Realistic Fiction - Written as autobiography of a fictitious horse
England - Late 1800's
This is the most famous of all horse stories and all anti-animal cruelty stories. Black Beauty describes his treatment not only by kind and cruel masters, but also reflects different social conditions in England in the 19th century.

National Velvet

By Enid Bagnold

Realistic Fiction - Grand National Championship
Sussex, England; Early 1900's
A fourteen year old girl becomes the owner of a marvelous piebald horse and dreams of entering him into the National Championship. Her determination to overcome multiple obstacles reflects the champion-spirit her mother displayed a generation before.

Misty Of Chincoteague

By Marguerite Henry

Based on a real story - Misty was a real horse
1940's, Chincoteague, Virginia
Two orphans living with their grandparents resolve to catch one of the most mysterious of the wild ponies. Chincoteague is a real island off the coast of Maryland famous for their wild ponies. While these characters are fictitious, it is based on true events. For those horse lovers captivated by Misty, an entire series of beautiful books about Misty and her off-spring is waiting.

The Blind Colt

Glen Rounds

Based on a true story
Reading Level: 3rd - 4th Grade
A blind colt is born on the Western frontier. He must learn to use his other senses to survive. A beautiful story.

My Friend Flicka

By Mary O'Hara

Realistic Fiction
Wyoming, 1940's
Trilogy: My Friend Flicka, Thunderhead, Grass of Wyoming
Ken lives on a ranch in Wyoming with his family that is always disappointed in him. His filly, Flicka, is difficult to train, but a special relationship develops between them. But aften an injury, Ken's father decides to put the horse down. Ken's heroic actions change that plan.

War Horse

Michael Morpurgo

Historic Fiction
France: World War I
Grades 4 through 8
Joey is a horse who is sold to the cavalry, much to the horror of Albert, his young owner. He first serves in the French Cavalry, and then later is captured and serves on the German side. Later he is reunited with Albert, his first owner. The book portrays the horrors of war from the perspective of a horse. First published in 1982, it is well on its way to the halls of fame of children's classic literature.

Other Animal Stories

If you enjoy reading these classic horse stories, you may wish to read other classic animal stories. There is a page of dog stories that dog lovers everywhere would enjoy.

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