by Kristin K. (10)
(Tallahassee, Florida, Unites States)

One Christmas morning 4 kids were sitting in the family room. Their names were; Phil, Tim, Erin, and Kristin. Their parents brought out a shape that looked like a big box. Kristin sat up right away. " Take the blanket off Kristin." said Mom. Kristin tore the blanket off. Under the blanket was a baby rabbit. She was white and brown. Kristin named her Whiskers. They kept Whiskers in Kristin's and Erin's room. Kristin, Erin, and Whiskers went through many adventures. One day Whiskers was playing in the family and the dog got out. Whiskers ran away and they took the dog out. They searched everywhere for Whiskers. Kristin found her under the couch. After a few days they all laughed about it. One night Kristin felt something hitting her. She sat up and found Whiskers trying to dig a burrow. The chips were flying everywhere. Kristin laughed and held Whiskers.

4 years later Kristin woke up to find Whiskers coughing. She became very worried and wrapped her in a blanket and took her to her mom. A few hours later Whiskers laid in a box a towel wrapped around her. They laid her in a whole and put a cross behind it. Then Kristin put a small statue of a bunny on the cross. From this day forward Whiskers lays there. Kristin still misses Whiskers and will never forget her. Whiskers taught Kristin a valuable lesson. That friendship is strong. Normally rabbits live for 2-3 years. Whiskers lives for four. Whiskers taught Kristin, that if you hold on to your friendship, you will have a great life.

( A true story)

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Beautiful Story
by: June

What a beautiful tribute to a loved pet. We always miss them when they are gone. I'm sure while Whiskers was alive you both brought a lot of joy to each other.

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