Tae Kwon Do - WINNER

by Truitt L. (10)
(Houston, TX)

Tae Kwon Do - A Physical and Mental Sport
1) Brainstorm Advantages:
1. Defend
2. Exercise
3. power and strength
4. fit
5. confidence
6. active
7. courtesy
8. integrity
9. perseverance
10. self-control
11. indomitable spirit
12. respect
13. balance
14. travel
15. perform in front of people
16. win medals/compete
17. sparring
18. self-defense

2)Organize Advantages:
1. Exercise
- active, balance, power, strength, fit, self-defense, skills
2. Travel
- different countries, performing, sparring, medals, unique competitors
3. Mental
- different attributes (5 tenants), respect, confidence

3) Essay:

Tae Kwon Do... A Physical and Mental Sport

Training in Tae Kwon Do is an exhilarating, active way to exercise. It teaches balance, power and strength. Practicing weekly keeps your body fit. Not only being a great hobby, it teaches self-defense. Learning this skill can make one feel protected or very courageous.

You would think that TKD would be in one room, but it actually takes you all over the world. TKD takes you places that you probably would never go to like Spain, Korea, China, Italy, and Columbia. The best part about it is performing in front of different people in diverse countries. The fun part about competing is sparring and winning medals. Each person you compete against has an unique skill.

Besides being a physical sport, Tae Kwon Do trains you to be a better person in life. Learning different attributes such as: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit (the 5 Tenants of Tae Kwon Do) are great advantages to becoming proficient in this craft. Respect for others is also a key factor. TKD made me confident that if any obstacles lay in my path, I can overcome them. With Tae Kwon Do there are numerous benefits which make it a fantastic sport!

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reading your article
by: Anonymous

Good Job.

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