Phonics Activities for 1st Grade

Phonics Manipulatives and Activities

More great phonics activities and manipulatives are on their way. Come back for more!

Short Vowel Sound Chant

Phonics Vowel Sounds 1

Phonics Words Families

Phonics Word Family Blocks Initial Consonant Phonics Word Family Blocks Worksheet 2 Phonics Word Family Blocks Worksheet 3 Phonics Word Family Blocks Worksheet 4

These cards take common word families and group them as blocks to allow students to learn multiple words in one family:                         ETC.

We have a five page handout which can be downloaded. (It is included in the Kit, Zed, and Gus download.) The small numbers indicate which lesson in Kit, Zed, and Gus will introduce the new word family.

3 Dimensional Alternative:

You can buy commerically made tiles or dice with the word families printed on them. You can also make your own using craft tiles or craft sticks.

Get The Word Family Blocks

Phonics Word Family Blocks click to print arrow

Vowel Dipthongs Emoji

Vowel Diphthong Worksheet with Emojis

Use these emoji's to practice the different middle and ending vowel combinations: Lesson plans are provided with suggested order and suggested activities, though these can be used in any order.

Vowel Dipthong Worksheet Vowel Dipthong Worksheet

The emojis shown above are in color and black and white. The colored versions can be matched to color coded vowels as part of the teaching process, if desired.

Consonant Dipthongs

Sh, Th, Ch, Wh

Dipthong Activities

Let's learn four simple, quick, effective hand motions, along with our symbols, with the Th, Ch, Sh, Wh Dipthong Activities. We use hand-motions, symbols, Rush to the Chair game, and dictation to teach these common sounds.

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