Classical Childrens Books

Peleg Chronicles

By Matthew C. Harding

This fictional account in the Peleg Chronicles describes the history of mankind in the days of Peleg, after the dispersion but before Abraham and the Sumerian Civilization.

Read Aloud: Five years and Older
Independent Reading: 11 years to adult

Who Will Like This Trilogy?

These books are for those who like: Written by Matthew Christian Harding, this is a daring series which contrasts the worshippers of the God of Noah and the followers of witchcraft. A high-adventure story that keeps kids and adults alike demanding "just one more chapter."

The Foundlings

Book One of the Peleg Chronicles

The Foundling sets the stage for the rest of the triology.

Meet Lord McDougal, a brave and kind lord whose doom has been prophesied by the witch Elsa. He takes into his care orphan foundlings who are hunted by the dragon priests for some mysterious reason.

The book ends with a cliff-hanger with Lord McDougal and his company locked outside the walled city as the death hunt begins.

It is impossible not to continue the exciting story.


Book Two of the Peleg Chronicles

Once again we join the trail of the Paladins, the courageous defenders of the weak.

As enemies close around them, the outcome is not what anyone expected.

Surrounded by foes, McDougal is left for dead and his band separated as evil threatens to overtake them all.


Book Three of the Peleg Chronicles

Through dark underground passages and across the rooftop sky-road, the adventure and drama continues. The Loresmen stand for truth and trust in God, not their weapons that they must frequently use.

With danger on every side, can Lord McDougal gather the separated members of his party and lead them to safety?

Ideas for Further Study

Below are different activities that can be done individually or together.

Make a list of the different characters as you meet them in the story. Many plays have a such a list at the beginning of the story. In addition to each character's name and role, list qualities that describe them. You can add to the different character's traits as you read through the story.

A number of different animals are in the Peleg Chronicles. Make a list of animals that exist today and those that do not. Of those still living, find which regions of the world they exist. Make a map.

Action Plot
Use the action plot diagram to trace the action of the story. In addition to the main plot, note all the sub-plots as well. Click here for the Action Plot download.

Culture and Society
This activity is for secondary students
There are a number of different social and political types that humans have lived in. Some include monarchies, democracies, tribal, pastoral, feudal (Middle Ages), communism. The author had to conjecture which type of political systems were in effect at that time. Which systems do you see in this book? How would the story be different if different political systems were included?

Some of the characters read or quote Bible passages; but these events are before the time of Abraham. Why would the author include these passages? How would individuals living at this time know anything about theology?

Make a time line of events in the books of Genesis and Job. Include at least ten events. Where would you place this book?

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