Micah 6:8 Lesson

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Micah 6:8 Lesson Micah 6:8 memory worksheet
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What Is In the Micah 6:8 Lessons?

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This is a nine page worksheet. It includes:

Activities on the Micah 6:8 Worksheets

Memory Cards

Memory cards: The entire verse is listed on the first card. On each of the subsequent cards a few verses are whited out, as students progressively recite more of the verse.

Discussion Questions

  • Brief list of some of the discussion questions:
    • Why is this one of the most famous Old Testament verses?
    • What are the three requirements listed?
    • List examples of justice or injustice from news, stories, or movies.
    • What does it mean to love mercy? What would the opposite be?
    • Does Micah 6:8 summarize the Law of God?
    • If someone was arrested for a crime, would they want a judge who was known for justice or known for mercy? Would the victim of the crime want that judge to have justice or mercy?
    • Do you think there is a difference between “walking humbly” and “walking humbly with God?” Does walking with God make it harder or easier to be humble? Consider the difference between faith and religion. Does religion make a person humble or arrogant?
    • Can a person be both stubborn and humble?
    • How well do you live by Micah 6:8? How well did Jesus live by Micah 6:8?

    Define and Consider

    Definitions and analysis of parts of speech for
    • just, justly, justice
    • mercy and kindness
    • humbly

    More To Think About

    • Situations to discuss
    • The perfect law of God and our need for a savior

    Micah 6:8 memory worksheet

    Painted Rocks Micah 6:8

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