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Like Facebook

by Callie M. (16)
(Richmond, VA)

Everybody likes Facebook. Why? Facebook has become the most important form of social media.

Social media is an important on-line phenomenon because it allows people to stay connected. Facebook is particularly valuable because everyone can join, can listen to others, and participate.

Facebook allows you to upload your photos. You do not have to mail pictures to your relatives. They can see them on their wall whenever you upload a picture.

Facebook keeps you connected. Old friends, relatives who live far away, former classmates, even the relative next door you rarely see might post something important. Never before could people keep up to date with everyone they have ever known.

The Facebook like button lets everyone know when you have discovered something they might be interested in too. It might be a news event, a political campaign, or a sale on shoes.

If you don't have one, you can sign up for a Facebook account and hit the like button.

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