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Joan of Arc Timeline and Map

The FREE copy of the Joan of Arc Timeline and Joan of Arc map are from are 108 page Joan of Arc Unit Study.

This three page provides a map of Joan's travels and a completed timeline and blank timeline of her life events. It is based on the book Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain.

Joan of Arc Map

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Click the image above for your FREE copy of the map and timeline of Joan of Arc

The free copy of the map of Joan of Arc's travels begins at the village of her birth and ends at the place of her death. It includes the location of key military campaigns. The map of Normandy shows its location in comparison to England in the north.

Click the download below for a free copy of the map. It is part of the larger 108 page unit study (54 student pages and 54 page answer key) for only $2.

Joan of Arc Timeline

Joan of Arc Timeline

The three page handout (click the link above) provides two pages of the timeline of Joan of Arc's life: one blank student page and one completed answer key. The chapters for the events as listed in the book Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc are given.

Timeline of Events in Joan of Arc's Life

  • May 15, 1428 - First appeared before the Governor of Vaucouleurs asking to be sent to the Dauphin
  • Feb 14, 1429 - Tells the Governor his delay caused a French defeat that day before news could get to them. That was the day of the Battle of Herrings.
  • Feb 23, 1429 - The governor sends Joan with a band of 25 men in arms to Chinon to meet with the dauphin.
  • March 6, 1429 - Meets Charles VII for the first time. (This date is not in this book, took place in chapter 6)
  • March 1429 - Three week hearing by theologians at Poiters.
  • April 29, 1429 - Arrives at Orelans, sends the army to come back on the north side
  • April 30, 1429 - Orders English out of Orleans
  • May 4, 1429 - 1st Battle at Orleans, French capture the Loop Bastille
  • May 8, 1429 - Siege of Orleans is lifted after only four days of battle
  • June 12, 1429 - Battle of Jargeau
  • June 15, 1429 - Battle of Meung-sur-Loire
  • June 17, 1429 - Battle of Beaugency
  • June 18, 1429 - Battle of Patay
  • July 17, 1429 - Coronation of Charles VII at Reims
  • July 20 to August 26 - Bloodless March ended at St. Denis under the walls of Paris.
  • September 8, 1429 - The French attacks Paris, an English stronghold. Joan is wounded. The king made a truce with the English. The army disbanded.
  • Sept 1429 to May 1430 - Forced inactivity at court
  • May 24, 1430 - Last assault at Compiegne
  • December 1430 - Transferred to prison in Rouen
  • Feb 21, 1431 - First trial begins (public trial)
  • March 10, 1431 - Second trial begins (secret trial)
  • March 27, 1431 - Third trial begins (Ends March 28)
  • April 1431 - Joan's illness; suspected food poisoning
  • May 2, 1431 - Fourth trial begins
  • May 23, 1431 - Declared guilty
  • May 24, 1431 - Signed abjuration; Sentenced to life imprisonment
  • May 27, 1431 - Put on soldiers attire again, as it was left in her cell instead of a gown
  • May 29, 1431 - Pronounced a heretic for putting on male clothing and condemned
  • May 30, 1431 - Burned at the stake
  • 1456 - Court of Rehabilitation overturned Joan's sentence

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