Homeschool Stores

Once you start homeschooling, you never look at a book or bookstore the same.
There is such an abundance of curriculum, support material, and literature it becomes a challenge to find the best. Fortunately, you are not alone.

There are a number of full service homeschool stores and retailers who provide a variety of curricula for numerous learning styles. They also specialize in homeschool and use the materials they recommend.

Homeschooling Supply

You will find a wide variety of resources at In addition to the major subjects, they also include music, fine art, science kits and numerous other supplies.

Small or Big Stores

There is an advantage to both.

Large homeschool suppliers have a larger number of supplies. That's pretty obvious. More items to chose from means you are more apt to find what you are looking for.

Small suppliers generally carry materials with a specific focus or philosophy. If you understand and agree with their educational methods, you are more likely to like the materials they carry.

Local or National

If you have a local homeschool store, that is a real advantage. It is great to shop there and help them stay in business. You save shipping and handling costs, which is good for your budget.

Another strategy is to plan to attend a homeschool convention. Some of the bigger homeschool suppliers come right to you.

Full Curriculum Suppliers

An advantage of full curriculum suppliers is that you can see the different materials side by side. The merchant may be less biased and able to give you the advantages and disadvantages of each. Of course, they are also less likely to have used all of the different curriculum choices they sell.

Homeschooling From the Heart has a full-line catalog for preschool through highschool as well as reviews and articles. Free shipping on orders over $150 as well.

Small but Dedicated

Some homeschool suppliers intentionally keep their inventory small, and focus on a particular subject, theme, or philosophy of learning.

Kid Friendly Homeschool Store

And we also hope you check out our own homeschool store. It is definitely smaller than than the full curriculum suppliers - but we have lots of fun sharing the things we find and use ourselves.

Ready To Use Resources

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