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Home School Curriculums

Full Home School Curriculums provide a comprehensive program with scope and sequence for all grades through high school. They also cover all subjects for all grade levels.

Review of Full Homeschool Curriculums

Abeka Book

Abeka Book is one of the largest suppliers of homeschool materials. Originally written for private Christian schools, the company has been selling to homeschoolers for several decades. Abeka Publishers is located in Pensacola, Florida and is associated with Pensacola Christian College. They also have a K-12 Christian school, for which their materials were originally published

Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega is a Christian publishing company that publishes curriculum for preschool through high school for homeschool and private schools. The backbone of the Alpha Omega Curriculum is the Lifepac. Textbook material has been divided into one year's content for each subject area into ten chapters. Lifepacs are available in five main subject areas for each grade: Language Arts, Math, History and Geography, Science, and Bible.


More than 100 years old, Calvert Homeschool can be called the grandfather of homeschool curriculums. This program is secular, traditional textbooks, and covers all subjects for K though 8th grade. Originally designed for the children of foreign diplomats, this curriculum was one of the first available when the modern homeschool movement started.

My Father's World

My Father's World provides curriculum packages for preschool through highschool. Packages come with a teacher's manual and all materials for the students. Items can be purchased separately. This program integrates Language Arts, History, Science, and Bible. Math and reading are taught separately.

Sonlight Christian Curriculum

Sonlight is a comprehensive, literature based program for children in K4 through highschool. At the heart of their program is an Instructor's Guide which comes in a very large three ring binder. There is a different instructor's guide for each grade. The daily/weekly schedule and all teachers notes are in the guide. Packages include lots of books and resources for the student.

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