The Drawing Textbook

By Bruce McIntyre

The Drawing Textbook has been around a long time; and for a very good reason.
drawing textbook
If it was written today, it probably would have been named "The Dummies Guide to Drawing" because it's the best book for those who have not picked up the tricks of drawing on their own.

And for those artistic students who have taught themselves basic art principles, this text will help them expand and solidify their skills.

Meet The Drawing Textbook

Bruce Mcintyre's book has been getting budding artists on the road to drawing for over 40 years. Yes, even if you feel like you are artistically hopeless, this little booklet will get you drawing as well.

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How Does It Work?

McIntyre's introduction on the teaching of drawing is enlightening. His basic premise: drawing is like reading - there are basic principles that need to be taught. Just as children might be naturally gifted readers and learn to read with minimal instruction; there are some artistically talented people who figure out the principles of art instinctively (and by drawing over and over again.)

The rest of us? Yes, there is hope. The non-gifted can be taught how to read and how to draw. The textbook goes over the 7 principles of drawing.

Look at the simple picture on the front of the cover. Can you draw a simple pencil with a few lines? Notice that by the use of shading, dimension is also created. This is one of the 7 principles covered in the lessons.

20 minutes a day, a blank 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper, and a pencil are the tools necessary to complete this textbook. By the end, you will be drawing castles and skyscrapers - one lesson at a time.

These drawing lessons can be used by the whole family, starting at approximately age seven (earlier for those who are naturally inclined.)


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