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Call Of The Wild Vocabulary

Call of the Wild Vocabulary Word Lists with uncommon words and their definitions

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

  • Dominant - ruling, in charge
  • Primordial - earliest life form, untamed
  • Cunnery - trickery
  • Precipitate - cause a reaction to happen quickly
  • Score - quanitity of twenty (archaic)
  • Mutiny - overthrowing a rightful leader, legally refers to a ship’s captain
  • Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights - display of glowing lights in northern atmosphere
  • Insidiuous - sneaky behavior that is gradual but harmful
  • Summit - height, top point
  • Inexorable - unyielding, not giving

  • Chapter 4

    The Full Vocabulary Word List is available as bookmarks in our Call of the Wild Unit Study. Click the pic below for more information.

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