Animal Experiments

by Kaitlyn H. (12)
(Lehigh Acres, FL, USA)


2.Different Skin
3.Other Alternatives
5.Save Money
6.90% Of Medications Approved Failed
8.Not The exact Same Disease
9.Using Old Human Skin From Surgeries
10.Wouldn't Experiment On The Disabled Or Children

II.Organized Brainstorming

2.Vivisection 3.Feelings
1.Different Skin 2.Save Money 3.Not The Exact Same Diseases
4.Wouldn't Experimentally Test On The Disabled Or Children

1.Other Alternatives
2.90% Of Medications Approved Failed
3.Using old skin from human surgeries

Disadvantages To Animal Experimental Research

Would you experimentally test on the disabled, or others that didn't have certain qualities??? NO!!!! So why should you experimentally test on animals? You should stop animal experimental research testing because it's cruel, ineffective, and illogical!

We should STOP animal experimental testing because it is cruel to innocent animals, just as Huntington Life Sciences does in East Millington, New Jersey! They do vivisection and use many different animals! This should be stopped because it's ineffective. There are other alternatives! 90% of medicines approved for humans from animal testing, later proved ineffective and harmful to humans in clinical trials. Adult stem cell research is more effective than animal testing because there are no complications of failures related to tissue rejections. We could even test on the skin removed from skin lifts. Even the international researchers using adult stem cells would work at least 50% more accurate than experimental testing.

It is illogical because animal skin is different than human skin. It would also save money if you stopped testing on animals. A flipping of a coin would have proved 5 times more accurate and much cheaper. We would save billions of dollars trying to cure cancer in mice. They have failed to replicate human cancer in animals.

The moral argument of the case is some say people are more important than animals, they're not as intelligent and they may not have the capability to reason. This argument is flawed because if it was to follow it's logical conclusion we would be able to justify experimentation on mentally disabled people or even children! We don't grant rights to people based on their level of intelligence. We grant people rights based on our empathetic knowledge.

Animal testing should be stopped because it's cruel, ineffective, and illogical. As people spend more time exploring our relationship to animals, they find that they can't justify animal experimentation or other forms of animal exploration. They do have feelings and can feel pleasure and pain. As the well known philosopher Jeremy Bentham stated “The question not Can they reason? Nor can they talk? But they can suffer?” Morally we have an obligation to recognize the harm we cause to animals and we should do our best to end their suffering.

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