Written Presentations

The Final Step in the Writing Process

Young writers take pleasure in sharing their written presentations. However, they need to leave time in the writing process to create the final product.

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A Written Presentation that Wows!

Take time to make the final product look great. That extra hour or two as the final step in the writing process pays off. It helps the grade too!

Of course we all know that poor writing will not be improved by a fancy cover. At the same time, good writing will NOT make a good impression if it has a thrown-together look.

Use Appropriate Fonts

A+ Grade Fonts can be fun, and then can help communicate your main points. So what can you do with your fonts to help make your written presentation shine?

Use Large Fonts For Main Points

Use Color

Center the Title


Italics Works for Sub-Points

Add Visuals

A+ Grade Visuals add color, interest, and are appealing to the eye. What can you add to your written report? Even the simple little "A+" I have added to this page breaks up the monotony of the page and makes it more appealing to read. It helps your brain to grasp the main sections of the page. Hmmm, any other messages this little pic communicates?

An Attractive Title Page

A+ Grade Every book store owner knows you DO judge a book by its cover. And your written presentation will be judged by its cover as well. Create a great first impression.

Use a border. It takes only a second and makes it look more professional.

Consider carefully words need to be on the cover. Make sure they are centered.

Table of Contents or Outline

A+ Grade These show that you have taken the time to organize your material. The reader can tell at a glance how your paper is laid out and the main points.


A+ Grade Don't forget to include this. Many a good paper got a less-than good grade when someone didn't take the time to document their sources.

More Written Presentation Ideas

Here are some other ideas for presenting your written work:

Write On

Write On

Write On: The Kid Friendly, Mother-Pleasing, Gentle Way to Learn to Write is a homeschool writing curriculum that guides students to better writing. Starting with simple sentences, students move to paragraph development, essay construction, and then thesis development. Your student's writing will take off. Guaranteed.

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