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Announcing Syllable Savvy 4th Edition

The Score Soaring Way to Spell Just Got Even Better!

Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 3 Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 4 Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 5 Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 6 Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 7 Syllable Savvy Spelling - Level 8

We are excited to announce that the fourth edition of Syllable Savvy Spelling has been published. We have added a weekly directions page for all lessons with tips for particularly troublesome words. There is also a two-column spelling list page for each lesson - a feature incorporated for visual learners. You will still find the three-column spelling page in each lesson that was designed specifically for auditory learners. And of course the syllable-by-syllable column, which is the backbone of Syllable Savvy Spelling, is found for every word in every lesson.

Kaleidos Language Arts

Building Strong Writers

Step by Step

Join our comprehensive language arts program that builds strong writers with good form and effective skills. Writing is at the heart of this program that has taken decades to develop and uses our easy-to-use step-by-step method of writing.

Coupled with kid-friendly, time-tested classic literature, Kaleidos is a language arts program unlike any other.

Kaleidos 3 Kaleidos 4 Kaleidos 6 Kaleidos 7 Kaleidos 8

Kaleidos provides "good form" for our budding writers and communicators. From the Greek words kalos - "good" and eidos "form," we provide a kaleidoscope of activities that progress from simple sentences to paragraphs to essays and thesis deveopment.

Literature lovers rave about our choices of classic literature. Travel the continents, cross the high seas, engage in dangerous adventures, and contemplate thoughtful dialogue; all from the safety of home and the cost of a library card.

Write On: The Kid-Friendly, Mother Pleasing, Gentle Way to Learn to Write is our best-selling writing program that makes writers out of reluctant scholars. Our secret? They get to write about what they are interested in. We provide the model, they provide their own ideas. It's a winning combination.

Those burnt out on traditional grammar books will have a bang with The Big Bad Grammar Slammer. No more copying boring sentences or circling nouns and verbs in a workbook. They use the tools of grammar to construct sentences that convey their ideas.

Struggling with spelling? The gentle approach of Syllable Savvy Spelling breaks words down syllable by syllable and helps students see how letters form syllables into words.

Kaleidos includes even more. Our weekly schedules include computer skills and speaking skills. Each book contains the instructor's guide that shows how to adapt the lessons for students who are strong or are struggling in language skills.

Click the pictures of the Kaleidos books above to learn more about this dynamic curriculum.

MatchCard Science

Hands-On Projects. Game-like Review. Content Mastery.

Light & Energy MatchCard Weather MatchCard Force & Motion MatchCard Geology MatchCard Oceanography MatchCard

MatchCard Science hands-on curriculum is like a club for science!

Whether you have one student or are pursuing multi-level teaching with different grades, the MatchCard Science Unit Study is made for action-loving families.

Are you teaching a homeschool co-op science class, or want to start a simple group for two or three families? MatchCard Science to the rescue. The content and activities are planned, now you get to have the fun and watch motivated learners grow.

Our Mission

Learn For Your Life exists to provide easy-to-use, fun-to-teach, ready-in-a-minute resources that promote hands on learning and student participation.

Motivation and inspiration are the keys to life-changing education. We design resources that allow the student to include their own natural interests in their course of study.

Quality content, necessary skills, and hands-on projects are combined to give you a curriculum that meets our two simple goals.

Two Simple Goals

1. Make Parents' Teaching Time Effective

2. Make Students' Learning Time Rewarding

Homeschooling is an investment of time. We want the time we spend teaching to be effective. We also want to impart a love of learning, which happens when the student's homeschooling time is rewarding and enjoyable.

We love kids and we love learning. So check out our resources, and feel free to drop us a note from the CONTACT US button at the top of this page.

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