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The Learn For Your Life Story

When our oldest son was four, I carefully researched several homeschool curriculum options (and there were fewer back then.) We purchased a highly recommended kindergarten package, and I still remember the excitement and enthusiasm when the box came.

But after several weeks of use, we were all frustrated. Tearfully, I wondered whether my child was learning disabled, I was a totally incompetent teacher, or homeschooling just wasn't for us.

The problem: I had the wrong curriculum for my child.

With a total of over fifty years of homeschooling (counting multiple grades at once) I can assure you that I have bought LOTS of homeschool resources. However, not all homeschool resources are created equal.

Whenever one of my five kids says, "Mom, I really like this book!" I know we have found a winner.

Finding kid-friendly homeschool resources has become a hobby. When we could not find unit studies to meet out needs, we developed our own. And we shared our finds with others, and took advantage of their recommendations for their kid's favorite homeschool resources.

We are always on the look out for hands-on materials that will make learning more rewarding. We hope you will enjoy these products and ideas as much as we have.

In addition to curriculum and books, we also offer free homeschool helps and downloads - all with the same goal of making learning effective and enjoyable.

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