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The Big Bad Grammar Slammer

Big Bad Grammar Slammer

Easy-to-use learning modules
These easy-to-use visual lessons are welcome even to students who have been intimidated or frustrated by other programs. Forty lessons can be completed in eight weeks with only five to ten minutes a day.

An Educational Game
After completing a module of five lessons, the student can play. The clue cards give visual cues to enable students to write sentences using the concepts presented in the modules.

On Going Review
Playing once or twice a week for a few minutes is all that is needed for continuous review.

Focus on Sentence Development
Instead of completing worksheets by circling and underlying particular words, students develop their own sentences to apply the most important concepts in a practical way.

Punctuation Help
Clues are given for correct punctuation of complex-compound sentences.

Order Information

Available in Three Different Formats

3 Ring Binder
Our original and most popular format is the binder. It will be mailed to you in a high quality three ringed binder.

We recommend putting the Clue Cards in page protectors for durability. The binder will bring you years of repeated use with multiple students.

Soft Bound Edition
Our paperback edition is an even more economical choice. The nice 8 1/2 x 11" size fits nicely on your book shelf and stacks easily on a desktop.

You can use the Clue Cards in the back of the soft bound edition, or print them from the website and keep them in page protectors.

The demand for e-books is growing. Order now and in a few seconds the pdf file will be available for you to download. For your convenience, we recommend having paper that already is hole-punched.

We also recommend putting the Clue Cards in page protectors for durability.

What Is Included

All three formats come with the same content:
  • Instructor's Guide
  • Grammar Tutorial
  • Clue Cards
There is nothing else you need to buy. (Except of course, blank paper and pencils.)

Money Back Guarantee

If you use The Big Bad Grammar Slammer and finds it does not work for your student, simply return it within
six months for a refund. Refund is available only for the soft cover edition and the 3 ring binder.

Order Here

All Formats Have Identical Content and Pages

Order 3 Ringed Binder

Non-consumable, 5th to 12th grade.
Comes in 3 Ringed Binder
The 3 Ring Binder is great for durability. Put the Clue Cards in page protectors and you can use them over and over for years.
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Order the Soft Bound Edition

Many families like this economical, soft bound version. The paperback cover makes the book easy to use and store on your shelf.
8 1/2 x 11" Paperback
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Order the Popular E-book

You may download the e-book from your computer. No shipping fees. No waiting.
Downloadable E-Book
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