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Kid Friendly Curriculum

Because kid-friendly learning is fun for YOU too

Hands-On Learning Leads the Way

Hands on learning doesn't mean to switch the brain off. In fact, what does a child automatically do when you try to show him or her something?

They reach out to hold it. To manipulate it means to understand it.

We are strong advocates of hands-on learning and promote products that facilitate this approach. Not only does it stimulate the mind, it accomplishes two other important goals.

Two Simple Goals

1. Make Parents' Teaching Time Effective

2. Make Students' Learning Time Rewarding

Homeschooling is an investment of time. We want the time we spend teaching to be effective. We also want to impart a love of learning, which happens when the student's homeschooling time is rewarding and enjoyable.

Hands-On Math

Cuisenaire Rods

Cuisenaire Rods

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6 sided Dice In Dice

6 sided Dice in Dice
3 for $1.00

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Decahedral Dice in Dice

10 sided Dice in Dice
2 for $1.00

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miniature clock

Miniature Dial Clock

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Pizza Fraction Game

Pizza Fraction Fun Jr. Game

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Rainbow Fraction Tiles

Rainbow Fraction Tiles

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Fraction Cubes

Fraction Equivalency Cubes

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Geometric Power Solids

Geometric Power Solids

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Kid Friendly Homeschool Store

Resources for Hands On Learning

We are NOT a homeschool super store. We simply sell what we use ourselves.

The Learn For Your Life Story

How would you like to purchase homeschool curriculum only to find they are ineffective and frustrate or bore your child? That's what happened when I first started homeschooling more than 20 years ago. Click here to read the story behind Learn for Your Life.


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