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Updated Homeschool Freebeezine
May 06, 2011

The Homeschool FreeBeeZine
May 2011

Oops! Due to a technical error, we accidentally sent out the November 2010 edition about half an hour ago. Here is the current edition!

Free Classical Book Club


This new website lists classical literature divided by age and era of history. Your student in 3rd though 8th grade can earn a free classical book club certificate by reading 7 of the books on his or her grade list.

Bragging Rights

boy reading book

Excuse me if I'm a little too boastful, but those are my kids and grandkids on the home page of the new classical books website mentioned in the paragraph above. My niece and grandson are also in the header. Perhaps I'm a bit biased, but I happen to think they are all adorable.

You may have noticed that we did not get the Homeschool Freebeezine sent out for several months. That is because I got behind on everything while developing the new website and completing the publication of the book In the Shadow of the Pines.

Historical Fiction

in the shadow of the pines

In the Shadow of the Pines is the true story of my father's family during the Great Depression. Like millions of families, the children suffered through severe poverty. In spite of abuse and homelessness, the children worked to stay together as their mother asked in the last moments of her life. It is listed as historical fiction because the dialogue had to be created for the story, but the events were all true.

Information about the book can be found on Kid Friendly Homeschool Curriculum site as well as the Classical Childrens Book site. In addition, the book can be found on It will be available for Kindle and other devices this month.

Free On-Line Multiplication Game


If you have a child learning multiplication facts, TimezAttack is on-line resource you might want to check out. My youngest son loves moving the character through the dungeon, and as a side benefit (in his mind) is learning the multiplication tables. What I like best is the basic version is free. If you love it, you can upgrade (we did.) But you can play the free version for several months and never have to upgrade.

Reading Confidence Cards

reading confidence cards

These Reading Confidence Cards are perfect for your kindergarten or first grader. Slowly introduce new high frequency words with the game like activity and review. Better yet, you can get the download FREE for a limited time. The card stock version is $7.95, but encourage you to get the free version now.

Homeschool Conventions

We'll be at two homeschool conventions this year. Stop by to say "hi", and don't forget to sign up for our drawing.

CHAP Harrisburg, PA May 13 - 14 Booth 115 and 116
HEAV Richmond, VA June 9 - 11

Facebook Help Needed

facebook logo
We are just getting started on Facebook. It would be a real help to us if you would "like" our page and give us feedback as we are getting this endeavor up and running. The benefit to you is you would be informed via Facebook whenever we add information, web pages, contests, or new products to our site. We usually only add one Facebook post per week.

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