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Vocabulary Can Be Fun

by Jackie

Site: Vocabulary Can Be Fun(http://www.vocabulary.co.il/)
The Fun Way to Build Vocabulary Skills!

Good for: Phonics--including Dolch words, literature, ESL, vocabulary, spelling, foreign languages (Spanish, French, German, English, Latin), typing skills, parts of speech...

The flash animation games helped my daughter (ADHD, CAPD, and Dyslexia) make connections between words and ideas, and between words and pictures.

Games are divided into the following groups: Primary (K-2), Intermediate(3-5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12).

My daughter used the middle school activities and loved them. Her retention was wonderful. I attribute that to the flash animation and the fact that it was fun. School is NOT her favorite thing in the world, so when learning is fun, she doesn't resist nearly as much.

The site also offers super resources for various topics such as speed reading, SAT, GRE Verbal Tips, GMAT Test Prep, How to Increase Your Vocabulary....

Vocabulary Can Be Fun is especially great for visual-spatial learners (right brained learners) like kids with dyslexia.

This is a free site with no regristration requirements. We will continue to use the site.

Types of Learning Games Available:

Analogy Games
Antonym Games
Compound Word Games
Context Games
Contraction Games
English Language Games
Foreign Language Games
Hig Pig Games
Homophone Games
Idioms Games
Latin Learning Games
Literature Games
Oxymoron Games
Parts of Speech Games
Phonics Games
Prefix Games
Root Word Games
SAT Games
Spelling Games
Suffix Games
Syllable Games
Synonym Games
Typing Games
Word Play Games

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