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New Ideas - Homeschool FreeBeeZine
October 11, 2010

The Homeschool FreeBeeZine
New Ideas
October 2010

Free Grammar Dictionary

Wait! I know many people want to yawn and skip to the next section when they see the words "grammar" and "dictionary" next to each other.

But we have found a gem that I think you will agree is quite helpful.

The writers at A to Z Worksheets have produced a Free Grammar Dictionary that is beneficial to any family. However, for those homeschoolers who use unit studies or the Charlotte Mason approach, it is particularly beneficial.


The first manual lists grammar concepts in the chronological order in which they are learned. Instead of years of grammar workbooks, one simply needs to use this dictionary as a guide. Step by step, lead them to more advanced concepts.

Struggling to remember the difference between gerunds and infinitives? The second manual lists the grammar concepts in
alphabetical order.

Print these two manuals, and you will have a useful teaching tool that will be used and re-used for years.

Combine it with the download of our Visual Grammar Cue Cards, and your family will be the expert grammarians on your block. (But we promise not to tell anyone.)

Download Science Unit Studies and Experiments

Have you noticed that there is a new format for MatchCard Science? We are updating the graphics and adding more cool science experiments and projects for hands-on learning.

You can still download the current format which provides a full curriculum of science unit studies for ages 8 to 13.

Here's a simply activity using the Beaufort Scale to measure wind strength.

All activities are kid friendly and educational. We are adding new pages each week, so check back often.

The Best Computer Course Just Got Better

Perhaps you have seen our recommendation for SBI as the best course for on-line business, marketing, and web-building for your high school or college student.

There are three formats for this program:

  • Do It Yourself - Use the action guide and tools to proceed through the ten modules. Anticipate spending approximately ten hours a week for a year. The cost is $30 a month (or $300 per year) and includes
    • the manual - called an action guide - with all ten modules
    • all the marketing tools
    • website and domain name.

  • E-Learning Course - This is a 12 week on line course, with an instructor to guide you through each of the modules and give feedback. Previously the cost was $698 for the 12 week course. Now it is $149 for three months and includes all of the items above. After the three months, the student can continue with the $30 a month subscription.

  • Colleges and Universities - More than 30 colleges, including Penn State and University of Arizona, offer SBI. Costs vary according to the institution.

Homeschool Directory

We have started a new homeschool directory to help the homeschool family stay connected on-line.

Do you have a homeschool blog, website, or product on-line? Or know someone else who does?

Consider joining our directory - free of charge.

Of course, all sites must be appropriate for homeschool families. Any content deemed inappropriate for families or children will not be eligible.

But we want to make it easier for homeschoolers to find the wealth of teaching strategies, products, encouragement, and new ideas for homeschooling.

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