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Winter Homeschool Freebeezine
February 03, 2014

The Homeschool FreeBeeZine
February 2014

Music Appreciation: Tchaikovsky

Here is a free lesson from Mary at Home Grown Learners. She has SQUILT lessons (Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time). The lesson invites the children to evaluate the music for dynamics, rhythm, instrumentation, and mood.

Free Tchaikovsky SQUILT lesson.

States and Capitals

Quick: what's the capital of Tennessee? Arizona? As many times as we've learned them...well, there ARE 50 states, you know!

The Homeschool Classroom has a crossword puzzle with the fifty states and capitals. So whether you are teaching them for the first time, need a quick review, or want to throw an unexpected pop quiz at them, check out US States and Capitals Crossword Puzzle.

Real Time Simulation of Global Births and Deaths

Here is an interesting simulation of the global population and changes in births and deaths in real time from The Atlantic. We can't vouch for the accuracy of the numbers, but watching for a few moments does give a perspective on the lives of others.

Real Time Map of Births and Deaths

Zoology Unit Study

I never met a kid who didn't like animals. Here is our free zoology curriculum and updated worksheets from MatchCard Science. MatchCard Science Zoology

AND finally...speaking of animals....maybe even monsters...

Are Krakens Real?

Want to know if krakens ever lived? Or what they were?

What Is a Kraken?

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