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No post-holiday blues with this heart-warming unit study
December 26, 2020

Learn For Your Life Freebeezine

Winter 2020

Our Solution to the Post Holiday Blues

Expires December 31

It's normal after all the excitement of the holidays for kids and parents to feel a little lag in motivation. And the thought of bringing out the school books? You might face a lack-luster response.

Here's a gift to add some sizzle to the end of December and January days: our Redwall Unit Study.

Redwall Theme Good vs Evil

What's so special about Redwall? It's a classic tale of good vs evil told as a story enjoyed by little tykes and teens. The peaceful mice of Redwall Abbey are attacked by an evil horde of rats.

While old and young can sit back and relax with this simple story, our unit study cultivates almost effortless skill-based learning. Numerous literary features that make the story a pleasure to read are highlighted in the easy-to-use format.

Then students are invited to apply those power-packed writing techniques to their own fairy-tale. If your off-spring are finding their literary energy is also drained this time of year, we have a solution that works even on the most relunctant writers: rewrite a well-worn story like Three Little Pigs or Little Red Riding Hood.

Even those with a bit of snarky attitude start to show more enthusiasm as their own half-hearted tale begins to buzz with internal dialogue, narrative dialogue, creative insults, and interesting interjections. Before they realize it, their own writing is peppered with metaphores and symbolism they're proud to share.

AND they can turn their own narrative into a genuine literary quest. (Of course we cover the five parts of a quest narrative.)

Turn those chilly January days into warm memories - and all for FREE.

Print our 119 page Redwall Unit Study. It is available for our subscribers until December 31.

Twelve Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Before you say good-bye to Christmas 2020, consider including a little of the old celebration of the Twelve Days of Christmas. You don't need to go full-scale into a twelve day holiday. Our page on the Twelve Days of Christmas presents ideas for families which include:
  • Studying the 12 symbols in The Twelve Days of Christmas song
  • 12 Days and 12 Ways of Giving
  • Starting and Ending the Twelve Days with Gifts
  • 12 Days of Meditation on the Fruits of the Spirit
This year I plan to do the last and hope to share simple songs and crafts for families next year.

Can You Share This?

We have been asked by our subscribers if they can share this page and its free offers to their friends.

The answer is YES! We would be happy to meet your friends and share our resources with them. Just let them know it is a limited time offer. If they miss the deadline, have them write to us and we will be happy to help them out.

Here's to a Blessed and Joyful 2021

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