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My Fathers World

Review of My Fathers World Homeschool Curriculum

About My Father's World

My Fathers World is a Christian company that provides curriculum packages for preschool through highschool. Packages come with a teacher's manual and all materials. Items can be purchased separately. This program integrates language arts, history, science, and Bible. Math and reading are taught separately.

Program Strengths

  • All Children Taught Together
    My Father's World has a unique scope and sequence so all children are taught from the same curriculum. Children between 3rd and 8th grade learn together (as well as having younger children tag along in addition to their own program.) There six year cycle allows any child to join at any grade level. Older students are given more advanced work to do.

  • Variety of Books
    MFW provides a variety of interesting and colorful books. This year, as my youngest son was going through his box when it arrived, he enthusiastically exclaimed, "Thanks, Mom!" with every book he picked up.

  • Hands On Activities
    They incorporate activities and experiments on a daily basis. This is particularly strong in the pre-school through second grade packages.

  • International Perspective
    Their history has an international focus, compared to many homeschool programs that are more heavily focused on US history.

Program Weaknesses

  • Reading
    Reading books are not included due to the fact that the core package covers multiple grade levels. List of suggested reading is provided for each grade.


Some people have asked the difference between Sonlight and My Father's World. Both use quality books and use thematic units rather than textbooks. Both are great options, but each has aspects that might make it a better fit for some families.
  • Sonlight has a stronger literature component.
  • MFW is easier to teach to multiple grades.
  • MFW is less expensive, but doesn't include reading or as many books.
  • MFW integrates science with the main unit of study more.
  • Sonlight integrates spelling, vocabulary and reading more with the main unit of study.
Personally, I prefer MFW in the younger years because of its hands-on emphasis in teaching the basic skills. The author was a kindergarten teacher, and that comes across in the preschool and kindergarten programs which are excellent.

Sonlight's high school curriculum has a longer track record, and appears to have a stronger college prep emphasis (but I have not used MFW in high school as it is newer.)

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Please do not negate or insult any publishers. However, if you have feedback that helps others decide which kinds of materials work best for them, that would be beneficial.

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