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Alpha Omega Curriculum

Review of the Alpha Omega Curriculum for Homeschool

Alpha Omega Curriculum is published by a Christian company that offers curriculum for preschool through high school for homeschool and private schools.

About Alpha Omega

The backbone of the Alpha Omega Curriculum is the Lifepac. What is a Lifepac?

Basically, the publishers have taken textbook content and divided one year's content for each subject area into ten chapters. The "chapters" are then printed in a disposable, workbook type format.

Lifepacs are available in five main subject areas for each grade: Language Arts, Math, History and Geography, Science, and Bible. Various electives are also available.

What is unique about the Lifepacs is that the content is interspresed with homework problems and questions. At the end of each section a quiz is included. A pull out test in the center of each booklet which will be taken at the end of the unit.

The Lifepacs are consumable and full color. Computer and on-line formats are available. In addition, there is an academy the student can join and submit work. See below for options.

Review Of Alpha Omega Homeschool Curriculum


Convenience and simplicity are major benefits of the program. Lifepacs are laid out and ready to use. They are also portable for the family on the go.

This program provides the same comprehensive, structured program found in a textbook based porgram, but in a disposable format.

The company provides the Lifepac content in several formats:
  • Lifepacs - the traditional printed format
  • Switched On Schoolhouse - software that is downloaded to the home computer. It contains the same content but automatically grades and keeps scores.
  • Monarch - This is their on-line program that allows students to interact with the content via the internet.


The materials sometimes comes across a little "canned." The process of reading material, answering questions, taking a quiz, then a final test can become routine and mundane.

Textbook-like Content
No matter what you call it, or how you package it, this is still textbook content. Textbooks have the advantage of pre-packaging a year's worth of content at a single grade level. However, the approach generally cannot stimulate a desire to learn or expose student's to the best books available.

My Recommendation

While I have a preference for the unit study method of learning, I also find the textbook approach can be beneficial. It is structured, the basics are covered, it gives experience with test taking skills, and is easy to evaluate and grade. Unit studies are usually more motivational, use a variety of the best books and literature, teach to the heart, and inspire a love of learning.

Confused which is best?

It is possible to do both. Use a unit study for one subject (or as an integration of two, three, or four subjects.)

At the same time you can use a textbook or Lifepac for one or two other subjects.

Look At Alpha Omega Curriculum

Has your family used Alpha Omega? Share your experience.

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