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Abeka Homeschool Curriculum

Review of Abeka Homeschool Curriculum

About Abeka Homeschool Curriculum

Abeka is one of the largest suppliers of homeschool materials. Originally written for private Christian schools, the company has been selling to homeschoolers for several decades.

Abeka Publishers is located in Pensacola, Florida and is associated with Pensacola Christian College. They also have a K-12 Christian school, for which their materials were originally published.

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The Abeka Homeschool Curriculum is a full Preschool through 12th Grade curriculum. They have the following options:
  • Purchase books and other items separately. Student editions, teachers editions, workbooks, test books and answer keys can be purchased separately, depending on what you want to use.
  • Buy a complete course for one grade. Many families purchase the entire course with all of the books mentioned above in one kit.
  • Buy the entire grade of all courses (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Bible, Electives)
  • Enroll in the Abeka Academy (the option above, but you send all course work in to be graded)
  • Enroll in the DVD Courses (see below)
Our family has used all of the options above at least once.

Review of Abeka Homeschool Program

Program Strengths

  • Full Color Textbooks
    This may not seem like an advantage to some, but a few decades ago this was one of the only options for a full color textbook available to homeschoolers for purchase. Their materials are colorful, and the pages have the right amount of color, photos, and white space for the modern child.

  • Complete
    A complete curriculum is available from toddler through highschool. Every subject comparable to what is available at local schools is offered.

  • Support Materials
    Teacher's editions, tests, quizzes, and answer keys are available for additional charge. The teacher's editions tell you exactly which pages of which texts to cover each day. This is particularly helpful if you buy the complete language arts program, as there are many different components (literature, spelling, grammar, etc.)

  • Stated Philosophy
    Abeka states upfront that they are a conservative Christian publisher. Not everyone desires materials from this perspective. Regardless of the philosophy a family embraces, it is preferable to have a publisher state plainly what their perspective is, than to pretend to be neutral (no one is.)

  • Re-usable
    Many large families prefer to invest money in a publisher whose books can be re-used by younger students in later years. Abeka's textbooks are non-consumable. Some subjects have corresponding consumable workbooks, test books, etc. If you desire to re-use the materials, watch the publication date and purchase any consumable materials before their materials are revised.

  • Resale Value
    Abeka materials are probably one of the most frequently re-purchased books bought at used curriculum fairs. It does allow a family to get back a portion of the cost to offset the cost of the next year's curriculum.

  • Reading
    My favorite part of the Abeka program is the reading books they have for the elementary age. Many of these are older reprints. They have interesting stories with plenty of variety.

Program Weaknesses

  • Textbook Oriented
    The Abeka homeschool curriculum is geared to a traditional classroom. For families wanting to emulate a traditional classroom, it is an excellent choice. However, many families prefer a more student-centered approach to education that includes unit studies, hands-on activities, use of best books compared to textbooks.

  • Sameness
    After using Abeka for a while, the student can be lulled to sleep by the sameness of the materials. This is particularly true in subjects like science where the same authors/editors write the materials for all the grade levels. When it comes time to study for tests, a student who is strictly educated only with Abeka may have learned a particular method of digesting material to spit out for Abeka tests. There are a broader range of educational and even test-taking skills that students need in college than will be obtained from this curriculum.

  • DVD
    The DVD's are primarily films of the Abeka curriculum taught at the Pensacolo Christian school. The child follows along in the same textbooks. This does not foster the bonding, flexibility, or self-directed learning that is at the heart of the homeschool movement. However, some families like the structured and traditional approach which requires less time on the parent's part.

  • Expense
    The Abeka Homeschool Curriculum is more expensive than many other options available. This is due to the need to buy textbooks, worksbooks, teacher's guides, and answer keys for most subjects.

New to Abeka? You might like to check out their website.

Have you used Abeka? Share your experience with other homeschoolers.

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